Books deserve the hype


The great debacle of books vs movies. Many people would prefer movies but books are what actually makes the movies amazing. As the American novelist Daniel Woodrell once said, “I’m not from the movie world. I’m from the book world.”

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

As a bookworm myself I would say books are better than the movies some times. While the movies bring the books to life, you notice that the books have more detail in them. Instead of saying movies bring the book to life, it’s best to say that books are what make the movie happen in the first place.

Many great movies loved by many have been books first. The great imagination of the authors is put into those special pages that are then imagined by the readers. What is even more magical is that while you are reading it, you can imagine yourself in the book living in the same world as the characters. With movies you don’t have the joy of fitting yourself into it. While you are watching the movie, you are watching it form the narrator’s perspective instead of it being you like you would normally do with a book.

Many amazing movies were first a book and then were later made into reality also known as films. There is Harry Potter which is known by so many. If you didn’t know, it was first the books by JK Rowling then later on the movies. There is also The Hunger Games, which were also a series of books. Also books like A Fault in out Stars, To Kill a Mockingbird, Paper Towns, Ready Player One, and The Wizard of Oz. If you read Paper Towns and compare it to the movie, you notice that many important details aren’t in the movie and the ending was extremely different from the book. In the book the main character Quentin and his friend Margo go on an adventure and do 11 very important things, but in the movie, they do nine things, missing one of the two most important details. Then when he is trying to find Margo from her disappearance, he follows clues and many of the spectacular clues are left out of the movie, which takes the excitement away. If you want an accurate representation of the story its best to read it and then after watch movie. If it weren’t for the books those movies probably wouldn’t exist either.

If you have an amazing imagination and want to enjoy the original source of amazing movies, then you should read the books. Books are enjoyed by everyone who is willing to get lost in their own world of imagination and people who have patience. Then after reading it maybe consider watching the movie and point out the differences but just keep in mind books are better.