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Lets be independent together!

“Let’s be independent together!”

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

Rudolph And The Island Of Misfit Toys came out in 2001, as a sequel and while it may be old it’s still a movie we would not be soon to forget. The movie is different from the original movies and shows and tends to focus on reminding people (mostly children) it’s okay to be different, and that in some cases your unique character traits may even come in handy and save the day, like Rudolph does. The movie shows amazing characters like Hermey, an elf who wants nothing more than to be a dentist, Yukon Cornelius, an Arctic prospector who is mining for peppermint instead of gold, and of course who could forget, Rudolph, a reindeer with a glowing red nose.


In the movie, Hermey is introduced as a young elf who decides to quit being a toy maker and follow his one true dream of becoming a dentist. Ruldolph is first seen after his mother gives birth to him, and to his father’s surprise he has a bright red glowing nose, he feels ashamed and puts a black dirt on Rudolph’s nose to try and cover it. Santa sees Rudolph’s nose and when Rudolph’s father says he’ll grow out of it in response to this Santa says, “Well, let’s hope so, if he wants to make the sleigh team one day.” Basically, Santa is saying that if his nose doesn’t stop growing, then Rudolph isn’t allowed to pull the sled.


Watch as Rudolph, Cornelius, and Hermey try to be ‘Independent together’ since they have deemed themselves misfits. They travel around the North Pole while trying to avoid The Abominable Snowman, who has been chasing them down. While running away from The Abominable Snowman, they accidentally make their way to The Island Of Misfit Toys, where they meet all the toys that no little kid would ever want, and declare that this is where they belong.


Overall, it’s a great movie, despite a few errors here and there, but what movie is perfect. Rudolph And The Island Of Misfit Toys Is a great movie to watch during the Christmas holidays, and is perfect for little kids as well. Although, I personally would have to rate the movie a 6/10, just because of the fact they portrayed Santa in such a way, where he’s discriminating against Rudolph just because he’s a little different, that is to say until he realizes Rudolph’s true value and just how special he is.