Carti step out of the way; Mario Judah has arrived

Mario Judah has inspired many Tik Tok shenanigans.

Mario Judah has inspired many Tik Tok shenanigans.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The rap game is hard enough with millions of artists making music every year. With that, only a select few are able to gain fame and rise to the top. Typically, this is done through perseverance  and talent and knowing what the people want. But the new rapper Mario Judah has built his franchise in a very peculiar way.


The rapper from Atlanta, Georgia comes from a city known to create the best of the best. The rap group Migos, and rappers Lil Baby and Ludacris all came from Atlanta. This is not to mention countless more big names that call Atlanta their home. Judah was always creating beats in the lab but didn’t release his first single until June, 2020. His single went no where but soon after he released Die Very Rough which became a meme and made it big on Tik Tok.


Tik Tok users used a snippet of his song to create funny gags that gained national attention. Judah was then thrusted into the spotlight because of this quick rise to fame. His song also comes with a comical twist that defines the rapper. Judah thrives off of his interesting yet intriguing style that often brings laughs along with it. Since October, more and more people are actually starting to listen to his music and he has also gained almost half a million followers on Instagram.


Just recently, Judah has once again thrusted himself into the spotlight with his new ploy that involved already famous rapper Playboi Carti. Judah released a statement on Instagram threatening to drop Carti’s upcoming album, Whole Lotta Red, before him. This statement was followed by a new song from Judah that seemingly copies Carti’s signature style and beats. Judah and his almost cult following have been pressuring Carti to do something about his album that he said would be dropping soon. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few days with the two rappers.


Mario Judah’s unconditional methods of gaining fame and recognition have actually worked extremely well for the rapper. His idea to drop another rapper’s album before him, seems crazy but is generating Judah tremendous amounts of attention that the rapper seems to feed on. Judah with his crazy personality and strong sense of humor seek to take the rap game by the throat and show them the new big dog lion (in reference to the lyrics in his song Die Very Rough) in town.