This Santa doesn’t go ho ho ho

A Christmas film with a chaotic Santa Claus


This year part 2 came out and finally gives us information on how Santa Claus got his immortality and powers.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The 2018 film The Christmas Chronicles follows Teddy and Kate Pierce as they help Santa save Christmas from a mess they started. A fun little twist has Kurt Russell playing Santa, and Kurt’s real-life wife, Season Hubley, playing Mrs. Claus. The movie features Santa in a new and fun way, where he likes to be a bit naughty, leaving him to get in a car chase with the cops after he stole a red Dodge Charger, and in jail. The movie has lots of fun jokes and funny scenes, leaving any family to laugh while watching. The movie is perfect for almost all ages, but since they have a few minor curse words, little children shouldn’t watch it.


When Teddy and Kate sneak into Santa’s sleigh late at night on Christmas Eve, they end up crashing and travelling thousands of miles away from home. They lose the bag of presents on the crash and the reindeer, and they land in the middle of Chicago. Santa shows time and time again throughout the show his powers of connection, as he befriends many people from waitresses to policemen, even leading to a cop opening his jail cell door.


In the movie, they cover the topic of losing a loved one, and coping with their loss, and spending their first Christmas without their father. Teddy and Kate’s father was a fireman who lost his life one night when going to save someone, so the two feel hurt that he chose to save some random stranger than to be in his children’s life. But the two work through their sadness, Teddy works through that most of all, with it even relating to his Christmas gift.


Overall, I loved the move and would highly recommend it. The scene where Santa is driving a stolen car in a high speed chase with the cops had to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie, but I really loved the whole movie. I would rate this movie a 9/10 without a doubt, I would have given it a full 10/10, except for the fact that the big reveal in the end of the movie, and Kate learning elvish in a few hours really threw me off, and I don’t like those scenes. But it was still an amazing movie, so aside from those moments it was an amazing movie I would watch again, and in fact watched it twice within 24 hours recently just because it was that amazing.