Dreamy Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan, every girl’s movie crush in the 80s.


Sam living the dream of every teenage girl in the 80s.

Mya Mooney, Staff Writer

The 80s were full of great music, interesting fashion, iconic movies that are still loved today, and movie character heartthrobs. John Hughes made his mark in the filmmaking world at this time, directing The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, and Sixteen Candles to name a few. His ability to capture the essence of high school as well as making the movies so absurd at the same time caught the interest of many people. Out of all his movies released in the 80s, Jake Ryan is by far the best character. Jake Ryan, played by Michael Schoeffling in Sixteen Candles, was the heartthrob of the decade. Everything about his character in the movie caused lots of teenage girls fall head over heels for him. Here are sixteen reasons why Jake Ryan was the best movie love interest in the 80s.


Reason 1: Let’s be blunt, he was very attractive. Jake Ryan was everyone’s ideal boyfriend, his tall and muscular stature and handsome face made him quite dreamy. He had luscious mocha colored hair, a clean-shaven face, deep brown eyes, and a prominent jawline. Not to mention he was dressed in clothing that was very flattering to his build.


Reason 2: He was polite, and who doesn’t like a polite young man? During the scene where he’s trying to call Sam only for her confused and disgruntled grandparents to answer, he was nothing but polite and patient. Although he never got to speak with Sam on the phone, at least he made a good impression with her grandparents.


Reason 3: He was mature. In the beginning of the movie, his now ex-girlfriend, Caroline Mulford, acted more like a five-year-old than a teenager. With her constant whining, complaining, begging, and melodramatic personality, he had every chance to stoop down to her level, but never did. He kept his composure when she was throwing her fits, going as far as completely removing himself from the situation and locking himself in his room, to ensure nothing goes awry.


Reason 4: He is wealthy but doesn’t flaunt it. Although in the movie you only see his house trashed during and after a party his ex-girlfriend through in his house, it is clear that his family is rather well off. Other than the scene involving his house, he never made is extremely obvious that his family was wealthy, nor did he shove it down anyone’s throat. Nothing more attractive than a humble man.


Reason 5: Jake was not stuck up, unlike his ex and many people in his grade. Sam being two years younger may have turned guys away, especially with her rather interesting family to say the least. But Jake, he never judged her for her family or her age, he saw past that because he like who she was as a person. His ability to see past such superficial and materialistic things is what every girl wishes she had.


Reason 6: Jake Ryan was well dressed.  He may not have been dressed up per say but always presented himself nicely. He could be seen in his iconic flannel, with jeans or khakis, and a pair of boots or loafers if he was wearing the khakis. He even wore collared long sleeves in a sweater vest, which was the first outfit he wore in the movie.


Reason 7: He drives a nice car. In Sixteen Candles, Jake drives a red 944 Porsche. A well dressed, polite young man who is mature that drives a Porsche, say no more. He is basically the whole package. Another bonus is that you would never forget where you parked in the parking lot, the red is quite eye-catching.


Reason 8: He is respectful, which is very important in any relationship. Sam being two whole years younger than him, he could have easily taken advantage of her naiveness, but instead he made his move slowly and never crossed any boundaries. Sam and he did kiss but that was closer to the end of the movie after all the craziness and chaos took place. He never once pressured Sam into anything she did not want.


Reason 9: He did not expose Sam in front of the class. Jake would have never known who Sam was if she did not drop the note that she was intending for her friend to pick up who was asleep at that time. Jake slid the note to his desk with his foot and read it. Sam had her name on the note, a note which was about Jake. He had every opportunity to expose her and the contents in the note, but he didn’t. He made it his mission to find out who Sam was, and well eventually started becoming fond of her.


Reason 10: He has a dreamy smile. Smiles are one of the first features that someone looks at when meeting for the first time, and Jake’s smile drawled a lot of attention. A small, closed mouth smile could be seen throughout the movie, but on occasion when nervous a little open mouth shy smile would appear. His smile made a lot of girls swoon over him in the 80s and still does today.


Reason 11: He is not egotistical. Jake may have been the most popular guy in school, but he never let his ego blow up. He and his ex-girlfriend Caroline basically ran the school, everyone loved them. Caroline made sure everyone knew she was popular and dating Jake. Jake, on the other hand, did not exactly fit in with that group. While he may have been rich and loved by many, the people he wanted to surround himself with were not the ones giving him the attention, but rather the ones who never get attention. Jake wanted a relationship that no one of his status would in fear that they would be made fun of. He could have scoffed at Sam because she was a nobody, a wallflower, but at the end of the day, he was one too, just not in the same way.


Reason 12: Jake stayed true to himself. No matter who he was with, he generally stayed true to his morals, even if they were thought to be crazy by fellow peers. It did not matter to him that what he wanted in a relationship was thought of as a joke to everyone else, that is what he wanted and no friends or even Caroline could change his mind. He wanted to break up with Caroline, even with her desperately clinging on to him, and every guy in the school thinking he is insane for not wanting to date a girl as attractive as her. No matter what people on the outside said, he stayed true to who he was as a person.


Reason 13: He was kind. As simple as it is, he was kind. Even when people treated him poorly like Caroline, he never held any hate towards her. He could have been rude to “the Geek” who also liked Sam but instead formed a rather interesting friendship, if you can even call it that, and ended up receiving help to start forming a relationship with Sam.


Reason 14: He was a hopeless romantic. At the beginning of the film when Jake was still with Caroline, his relationship was anything but healthy, with constant disagreements and the childish ways of Caroline, he wanted a real relationship. Even telling his jock friends that he wants “Somebody I can love, that’s gonna love me back” to which they thought was ridiculous (Sixteen Candles). To his friends a relationship was a symbol of status, it was not about making real connections with a person but simply showing off that they can be in a relationship. Every girl’s dream is to have a high school sweetheart who loves them and dates to make real connections, not to just be shown off as some type of award or publicity stunt.


Reason 15: Jake is thoughtful. After everyone forgot Sam’s birthday and her sister getting married the following day, she did not get the 16th birthday experience she wanted. Jake decided that he try to make up for the lack of a birthday celebration by picking her up after the wedding and going back to his house where he had a small birthday cake with 16 candles on it. His effort to try to make the best out of practically nothing for a girl he didn’t even know existed for the long time stole the hearts of many, including mine.


Reason 16: It’s Jake Ryan. That’s it, he is Jake Ryan. Is there anything else that is needed to be said?