Movie review: The Princess Switch: Switched Again


The three Hudgenses in all their glory.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Can there ever be too much Vanessa Hudgens? Yes, it appears there can. In this second installment of the Princess Switch series, there’s not only two, but three characters that are all played by Vanessa Hudgens. In the first movie, the concept was good with the princess and baker that suddenly meet and look the same, who decide to switch for the day. But that’s where it should’ve ended. The addition of a third character who looks the same was just too much.

In this movie, Margaret (one of the Vanessa Hudgens characters) is to be coronated as queen; however her cousin Fiona, the third look alike, is not okay with this.  Stacy, the baker, and Margaret decide to switch places to allow Margaret time with a man without the responsibilities of queen to-be. While switched, Fiona captures Stacy and then pretends to be Margaret. It’s a triple switch. While the plot is easy to follow, the movie itself is simply too much. It seems as if the first one did well, so they made a second but didn’t know what to make it about. While the movie is extremely cheesy, the acting itself isn’t horrible and the movie is still enjoyable, but I would have been perfectly content ever having seen it.

They should’ve stopped while they were ahead and not made a second movie. The acting was decent, as good as it can be for a cheesy Christmas movie. But the plot just wasn’t what it could’ve been. If they needed to make another one of these movies, they could’ve done it in another way without the addition of the third look alike. I don’t regret watching it, but I hope they do not try to make a third.