AL.XL: Florida’s newest upcoming rapper


The rapper’s latest album could be the one that thrusts him into the spotlight.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Every year, the rap game only increases. New talents arise from seemingly every corner of the country. The biggest hotspots include places such as Atlanta, Detroit, and New York. But here in Florida, we produce a strong core that includes rappers such as Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and many others. Local rappers are beginning to rise and attempt to climb the ladder to make it to the top.

One of these rappers come out of our very own East Lake High School. His name shall remain anonymous so when he blows up this does not haunt him. AL.XL is what many consider ‘generational talent’ and his lyrics speak volumes. AL.XL is very much a lyrical rapper who really takes the time to appreciate every bar. But this does not take away from his beat making skills that certainly are not subpar. AL.XL creates all his beats from scratch in his own lab where his genius flows free. The ability to make his own beats is one of pure talent that the rapper learned from his dedication to the rap game.

AL.XL recently dropped his second album named Dark Matter. This marks about a year since his last drop. His first album was called Summit and marked the rapper’s breakout year. It included 13 songs totaling over 30 minutes of playtime. I know myself, that I listened to the entirety of the album and was blown away. The way he can shape the words and hit every beat creates a smooth style that is unique to himself. AL.XL is able to distinguish himself from many other rappers through creating his own beats. This is a very good way to show both his lyrical and beat making talents in his songs.

Lyrics often define a rapper for who they are, and for AL.XL this is very much true. Arguably one of his best lyrics is:

“In my own zone, I’m feeling on point These rappers clones, synthetic, they toys Read through the lines I embedded in my voice”

Through this lyric, AL.XL is able to showcase how easily the words come to him and the smooth flow that he has had ever since he was a kid.

As of now, AL.XL only has dropped two albums, both of which are on Apple Music and Spotify. You can listen to his musical genius with the touch of a button and hear just what he has to offer. Right now AL.XL totals about four monthly listeners which is bound to increase dramatically once the rapper makes it big. All he needs is a chance and for more people to listen to his songs so they can hop on the bandwagon.