Album review: Man on the Moon III: the Chosen


The cover for Cudi’s new album.

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

After ten years of waiting, rapper Kid Cudi finally released a new album named Man on The Moon III: The Chosen. In his album, Kid Cudi touches on his mental health, his relationship with his mother, and becoming a celebrity. This album is more upbeat than his past music, which threw a lot of fans off, and many even dislike his new album because of this.

Cudi’s music has always been heavily influenced by his emotions, which is why so many of his fans related to his music. His new album still holds the same amount of emotions, only now they are much more positive, which some fans do not relate to. But Cudi stated in an interview that he was excited to create more upbeat music instead of the more depressing music he made in the past. Cudi’s album hit number two on Apple music, only surpassed by That’s What They All Say by Jack Harlow.

It is a concept album and picks up where the previous two albums left off and is segmented into four ‘acts.’ Though the first act is filled with mainly the most current rap trends and lacks the individuality of his other albums. But things get better in the later acts, as Cudi begins to take more risks and becomes more original in his music. My personal favorite song on the album is Another Day, the third song on the album which represents how we all feel after the pandemic. Another Day represents getting back to normal life and being able to go to things like parties and being able to hang out with people. Almost everyone can relate to this song as everyone just wants to get back to their normal lives, which is what this song embodies.

This album can be summed up in one word, fire.