Duck and cover

No running over Grandma, this year, Santa.

Who will believe what happened to Grandma?

Who will believe what happened to Grandma?

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The classic 2000 movie called Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer is a must watch for this Christmas break. In the movie, Jake Spankerheimer watched as his beloved grandmother went outside, he watched from the window when he saw Santa on his sleigh crashing into her. Santa takes Jake’s grandma to the North Pole for medical attention, but the police announce her missing, not believing a word of what Jake says.


Although Jake isn’t alone, his grandpa believes his story, and the two try to convince others that Santa really did crash into grandma, but they all say that Santa isn’t real. Without his grandma around, Jake’s Cousin Mel and Austin Bucks (richest man) in the town think that they can finally steal grandma’s baking store, but Jake and grandpa won’t have it. Unfortunately for them, no one is willing to listen, so Jake begins his search for Santa. And when he finally finds him, he finds out that his grandma has amnesia.


Jake brings in Santa and proves everyone one wrong, but when Cousin Mel tricks grandma into following her, Cousin Mel hides her away in a cabin in the woods, so that Cousin Mel can buy enough time to steal grandma’s store. Cousin Mel then frames it as if Santa was the one to kidnap grandma, where Santa gets put on trial.


Overall it’s a great movie, I would have to rate it a 7/10 since it has a few moments that are a little silly, like having Santa in jail even though he is a magical being who could escape since he’s not bound by the laws of mortals, but it is a great children’s movie, that is even enjoyable no matter how much older you get. One that has been left in my mind from childhood and is sure to be played every Christmas week.