Freaky movie review


The mannerisms of the switch can be clearly seen here.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

The movie Freaky is one of the few in theaters right now that I’ve seen any advertisements about. Other than Wonder Woman of course. Coming out on November 13, it’s been out for a while now and before Wonder Woman 1984, it was one of the only movies in theaters that seemed actually entertaining. And that it was.

A take on Freaky Friday, Freaky is a movie about a grown man and a teenage girl who switch bodies on Friday the 13th. This variation of a quite popular concept is that rather than a mother and daughter, this movie is about on teenager in high school and a serial killer switching bodies. What made this movie entertaining is that Vince Vaughn plays the male lead. Any role he plays he makes hilarious; he is a wonderful comedic actor. This movie gets its spark from Vince Vaughn having to perform the mannerisms of a stereotypical teenage girl. Watching a very tall, big man, acting like a girl brings a special type of amusement that other movies just can’t seem to do. Similarly, watching a rather innocent looking girl who goes around trying to murder people is also quite funny. This take on a movie that is only really seen in installments of high school dramas, is refreshing and very exciting to watch. The very strange and crazy ways they utilize for the murdering, like when they froze a girl to death, were very funny. However, the movie was slightly cheesy, it was easy to guess and very stereotypical. Regardless of that, it’s still entertaining.