Swapped lives

When two rich men have a homeless man and their niece’s fiance swap places.


Even 37 years later, the movie remains popular.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The movie Trading Places, which came out in 1983, stars a young homeless man played by Eddie Murphy and a rich young man who is played by Dan Aykroyd. The two young men are forcefully made to trade lives where Billy (played by Murphy) has lots of trouble believing that he is now a rich man who has a job in stock. The same can be said for Louis (played by Aykroyd) who has trouble going from his privileged life to life on the street and watching everything he worked for go down the drain. The movie follows Billy for the most part, but it does cut to Louis quite often as he begins to learn how the street life actually works.



The movie quickly introduces Mortimer and Randolph Duke as helpful rich old men who are responsible for swapping the lives of Billy and Louis. But soon enough it is learned that the two are in it for self gain, they had made a bet about if Billy would thrive or fail in his new life, and until the end of the movie it is unclear how much the two bet. Billy continues to show his talent for the trade as he learns more and more each passing day, and soon enough comes across homeless Louis who thinks that Billy planned it from the start.


After some time, the two learn of the bet and decide to team up to take the Dukes down, and they start with stock. After some digging they manage to learn that the Dukes cheat before casting their stock so that they can always increase their profit, but Billy and Louis manage to give them the wrong information, while they have the correct information, which causes their plan of revenge to unfold perfectly as the Dukes become bankrupt and Billy and Louis become rich.



Overall, it’s a great movie and the plot is just absolutely amazing, it has some real funny moments too when it’s revealed how much money the bet was about, and Louis dressing up as Santa and stealing food off the table and hiding it in his beard. I loved the movie and would definitely watch it again, so I would have to rate it a 9/10. It’s a great family movie and it became so popular back in the day that the homeless Dukes make surprise appearances even in other movies, such as Coming To America where the two live on the street when the main character (who ironically is also played by Eddie Murphy) gives them a wad of cash.