Wonder Woman 1984


Wonder Woman with her gold armor which is used in the movie and has wings!!! It has an eagle like design and it also allows her to fly better.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

The great movie which stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva (Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal as the villain Maxwell Lord all make up this very thought out storyline. This movie is set in the year 1984 and has a very amazing plot full of surprises. You can watch the movie in a movie theatre like an AMC or if you’d rather take the safe way away from COVID, it’s also available in HBO Max for you.

Now jump starting in why this is the movie to watch. In the beginning of the movie Diana’s memories of the Amazons are shown and are filled with many amazing moments like when she races the other Amazonians while still being a child. Then they fast forward to 1984 and we see the life she has made. She makes a fellow friend known as Barbara Minerva and they are both left investigating a rare and bizarre stone. Turns out the stone can grant wishes, and  later one grants Barbara’s wish to be like Diana. Diana also wishes secretly and brings back Steve Trevor to life. Steve Trevor is a pilot and also Diana’s love interest since the previous movie. Later on, Maxwell Lord who was a failed business in oil extracting, takes the stone and wishes to become it. The movie continues on with the chaos Maxwell causes due to granting people’s wishes for his wellbeing. He rises and gets a lot of items and money but eventually Diana and Steve hunt him down and stop his bad behavior. She is intercepted by Barbara, but she isn’t normal; she has powers!! With Diana losing her powers due to her wish she gets beaten down and takes back her wish. That results in her losing Steve again but gaining her powers again. While going through the powerful comeback she learns how to ride wind currents and appear to be flying while swinging from lightning. She goes straight to Maxwell Lord and meets Cheetah (Barbara) and wins their duel. She confronts Maxwell and shows him the truth of his wishes with her Lasso of Truth. He finally withdraws his wish once he sees his child in trouble.
This amazing movie contains many life lessons in learning to let go of your loved ones but still having them in your heart. It also shows you the results of being greedy and wanting more than you actually need. This movie is recommended to anyone who likes woman power, superheroes, or simply someone who wants to chill watching a movie.