On the search for a wife


The Prince of Zamunda wishes for true love.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the 1988 film Coming To America, a young man named Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of a fictional African Nation called Zamunda (played by Eddie Murphy), and his best friend Semmi go to American as Prince Akeem searches for love, else he be forced into an arranged marriage by his father the King. The movie also had a recent second movie to go along with the first, but instead of looking for love, he’s looking for his long lost son.


In this movie, Prince Akeem pretends to live as a normal American man and to get his own job and apartment, so that he can find a woman who loves him not for his money or title, but for true love. He soon meets Lisa, a woman from New York, and the two are quick to fall in love, but when Semmi is sick of living like a commoner, he goes behind Prince Akeem’s back and messages the King to send them a few million dollars, which he uses to buy all sorts of riches. Prince Akeem is able to resolve this issue, but unfortunately his father the King arrives in New York in an attempt to bring Akeem home to the fiance of ‘his’ choosing.


Soon after, Lisa learns of Prince Akeem’s true identity and is upset about his lies and refuses to meet with him. He tries to woo her back, but she remains stubborn. Watch as the two struggle to overcome the hardships that face them. The movie also makes a direct reference to the movie Trading Places as the two ‘villains’ of that movie had become homeless, and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy. who ironically plays the main character in both movies) gives them a wad of cash. There is an especially funny moment, after Prince Akeem proposes to her, and she rejects him, where an old lady comes over and says that she’ll marry him.


Overall, the movie has a great plot and I would rate it a 9/10, it had lots of great moments throughout it, and any movie with Eddie Murphy in it is sure to be a comedy.  The movie is great to watch, but be warned, it is rated R, since it had a few scenes that aren’t appropriate, and strong language is used. But nonetheless, it’s an amazing movie that I highly recommend.