Road to reality


Two of the strongest Avengers are shown one being Scarlett Witch (Wanda Maximoff) and the other Vision. This is a picture from their tv show known as Wanda Vision. They are both smiling as they are a happy couple in what appears to be the 70s.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

Out of all the new shows on Disney Plus, Wanda Vision is the show to watch. It stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision. The former Marvel characters bring comedy and interesting turn of events. For now, only the first four episodes have been out and it has many fans hooked.

First off, the catchy theme song! The theme song they incorporated is one of the catchiest I have ever heard. Many people on Tik Tok have said that the theme song is so catchy as it has a happy ring to it. Second, the show is something not previously seen before. The characters are in what appears to be a 70s sitcom but as the episode continues, it gets weirder as some occurrences change the funny and happy vibes to scary and alarming. The first episode starts off in the 50s and the couple’s happy life. Then the second episode is the 60s and the third the 70s. It is seen in the way they dress and how they speak. The setting is started off in black and white and then later in episode 3 the setting is in color but bright colors like in that era. The Marvel fans know something out of the ordinary is occurring as Wanda lives in our present time, not in the 50s, and the famous Vision was killed by Thanos when the Soul Stone was ripped from his forehead. Wanda died but was brought back due to the blip and is mourning her twin brother’s death, which dates back to Age of Ultron, and her past lover Vision’s death as well.

Our questions are filled with more questions as weird things start happening and when Vision starts to question as well. He constantly looks at the camera with a worrisome face and asks questions. The latest episode, which is the 4th one, brings everything into perspective and incites many fan theories. Side characters from the past come back and star in the show like Darcy Lewis seen in Thor, Jimmy Woo seen in Ant Man and the Wasp, and Monica Rambeau seen in Captain Marvel. They like us are also trying to figure out what is happening and so far, we believe Wanda is creating an alternate reality with her powers as a form to cope over her love one’s death. The questions are fully answered when we see Vision’s corpse walking toward Wanda in the ending of episode 4 and her knowing he is dead does something to make him appear normal.

There are still more questions to be answered but will soon be answered as there are only two more episodes left. If this doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what will because this show has it all. It has the comedy, the drama, and the superheroes. What is more to love?