A big redo?

Zac Efron plays a younger version of his father.

Zac Efron plays a younger version of his father.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the hit movie 17 Again starring Matthew Perry and Zac Efron, 37-year-old Mike O’Donnell is going through a divorce with his wife Scarlett, and as his high school son and daughter want nothing to do with him, he heads to school to catch a glimpse of the glory days. There, he was the star on the basketball field and king of high school. Little did he know that his life was about to change, as the next thing he knew, he was 17 again.


Once he is turned back into a high schooler, he tries to befriend his son Alex, under the guise of his best friend Ned’s son. While in high school, he learns that his daughter Maggie has got herself a boyfriend, who just so happens to bully Alex, and is now the star of the basketball team. It also has funny scenes, where Mike’s best friend Ned falls in love with the principal and continues trying to woo her by acting all fancy and buying her expensive items (since he’s rich) when he’s really just a big nerd….luckily for him, she is too.


Throughout the movie, Mike tries his hardest to befriend both of his kids, and while it turns out great with Alex, it goes a bit downhill with Maggie. As she misinterpreted this as him being in love with her, and so she tries to kiss him, leaving Mike shocked as he tells her he is in love with someone else (her mother). Mike manages to give all sorts of great advice in school, more so in Health class, as he goes on a speech about waiting for marriage to be with the one you love, which leaves many high school girls falling in love with him. The movie also includes many scenes that tend to pull emotions from it, like in the divorce trial, talking about how deep parental love is, and about the importance of being able to make the same mistakes from your past to save/help your family when they’re in trouble.


Overall, it’s a great movie, and I would have to rate it a 9/10, while I do love the movie, it left us wondering who the janitor was, and why and how he was able to turn Mike back into a teen. So due to those never solved answers I had to take off a point. Still, the movie was amazing and is a great film, which is sure to keep the whole family entertained.