Best in the kingdom


A picture of many of the princesses in the movie Wreck It Ralph! There is much diversity shown in this picture and it’s amazing.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

Many people know about Disney and are familiar with their princesses. It’s best to say the diversity that is currently shown in amazing. The princesses went from needing a man to being strong women and not in need of a man. We will be going through the history of Disney princesses and who they are now.

First off, we know that the first ever princess was Snow White, which was released in 1937, and from there Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), The Little Mermaid (Ariel), Beauty & the Beast (Belle), Aladdin (Jasmin), and Pocahontas were released. All of these movies and princesses were either saved or had a man involved in their development. In those times women were still heavily degraded and faced many challenges, and seeing princesses who needed men in order to have a story didn’t help with that. Then later in 1998 a new and improved princess surfaced and that was Mulan. Not only was she a warrior woman on her own but she was also Chinese. Disney changed the gameplay by adding diversity and it didn’t change there. The next movie to have more diversity would be Princess and the Frog featuring a black woman named Tiana who later on became a princess. Later on, Brave was released not that long ago in 2012 and Merida wasn’t American but Scottish and not the stereotypical princess. She was a warrior as well and showing that allowed many children around the world to change their perspective on princesses. Now another great impact on children and parents was Moana. She was Polynesian, and, very similar to Merida, she showed her own power and also showed a completely different set of culture. While Elsa isn’t in the princess line up, she is also a figure that shows strength and that you can rely on family that being Anna and can rule an entire kingdom without a man. Another mention would be the live action Aladdin and their updated versions of modern reality. The new song “Speechless” features a woman wanting to be heard and that feels voiceless doing something in order to change that, which is very powerful.

It’s a long way Disney has gone in showing different cultures, ethnicities, and diversity. Showing little kids, they don’t need a man to have a purpose in life is what it all should be about. Having a fictional princess to look up to is what many children or even teenagers or adults do and having good influences are beyond amazing.