The latest show that is sending fans into a frenzy


The show is featured on Disney plus with new episodes every Friday.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

Wandavision, featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, is Marvel’s latest release concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The show brings in a surplus of new elements and twists that could lead the MCU into any direction it wants. It appears Marvel is using the show to transition and bring in other sides of the MCU. The show has sparked a vast popularity and is bringing out many different theories as to what will happen in later episodes.

Wandavision was initially released January 15th and since then has released a new episode every Friday. With just five episodes being aired, so much has already happened. I am not going to give away any spoilers for those who want to watch the show, so you don’t have to worry. Just from the name of the show, Wandavision, it is implied that Vision is somehow back and alive. This is seemingly impossible as the Mindstone was ripped out of his head by Thanos, inevitably killing him. This leads fans to wonder if he is really alive or if it’s all a trick. That is one facet of Wandavision is that it always keeps its viewers on their toes. You really have to pay attention to every little detail while watching the show and I would highly recommend re-watching the episodes. The show is brilliantly designed as to never give away what is going to happen and every little thing that occurs serves a greater purpose.

The show is structured as a sitcom and every episode represents a different year. The first episodes being set in the 1950s, the second being the 1960s and so on. Each time a new episode airs, the sitcom is cast as to mimic what it would have been like in that particular year. In this way, the writers were able to create a fun twist that has never been seen before in others shows. It makes the show very enjoyable and adds another element of interest. AJ Hogan and AJ Price, seniors, both are enjoying the show very much and are very excited for its many possibilities. Hogan stated that the show “quickly builds into something you can’t help but be excited for every week” and Price stated that Wandavision “is a unique and interesting show with a concept you would not expect from Marvel.” Both students certainly have their own perspectives on what could happen during the show and both will be watching attentively as new episodes are released.

With so much new information being presented, Marvel fans have gone on a frenzy with their theories. Many think somehow the show will finally incorporate the X-Men into the Avengers universe. There are also some who see an opportunity for the Fantastic Four to be introduced. All it takes is one google search to see these various theories on the possibility of the show and every Marvel fan is loving the ambiguity but also dying for their questions to be answers. Wandavision could end in so many ways that it is going to be really exciting to see where it leads. Marvel has finally created a show to possibly bridge together two groups of heroes and present fans with the mashup they have been wanting for so long.

Marvel’s newest show Wandavision has the possibility to be one of the greatest successes in the MCU. If Marvel is able to bring in X-Men or some other universe, it would be amazing for fans and for the company. With all its twists and surprises no one knows quite yet what will happen with Wanda and the somehow alive Vision, but it is sure to shock many and lead to greater things.