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The picture below shows Rapunzel with Flynn as Rapunzel finally realizes her lifelong dream of seeing the floating lights.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the 2010 film Tangled by Disney, we see how a young baby princess named Rapunzel gets stolen right after being born by a woman named Mother Gothel. She attempts to raise Rapunzel as her own and uses the magical powers that Rapunzel’s hair possesses in order to keep herself young and beautiful forever. Rapunzel grows into a fine young lady, and she attempts to sneak out of the tower in which she is locked away, so that she can follow her dream and see the ‘floating lights’ that always appear on her birthday.


In the movie, a young man named Flynn Rider has stolen the crown of the missing princess, as such he is wanted by the guards. During his escape from the guards, he climbs the tower thinking it was abandoned, and meets Rapunzel. She knocks him out and hides the crown, and when he awakes she makes a deal with him to return the crown once he safely takes her to the kingdom so that she can see the lights, and back home. Once the two embark on their journey, they meet many people, and animals, like the bar full of bandits and a royal horse, who all care for Rapunzel and her kindness. But soon, people from Flynn’s past come for revenge, and in hopes of taking Rapunzel’s power for themselves, including Mother Gothel, who tricks not only the bandits, but Rapunzel as well.


Overall, I would have to rate the movie a 10/10, with many funny moments, and an amazing plot, it’s a movie that has captured my heart since it came out. I love everything about it, and it’s a great family movie, appropriate for all ages, it even has many amazing songs that will just get stuck in your head, such as ‘Healing Incantation’, ‘Mother Knows Best,’ and my personal favorite ‘I’ve Got a Dream.’ And if this movie is just your style, you may want to consider watching Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, which takes the characters and shows what happened after the movie ended, turning it into a series.