A princess like no other

Here shows an image of the three friends riding away from Dreamland, with a few side characters seen in the background.

Here shows an image of the three friends riding away from Dreamland, with a few side characters seen in the background.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

It seems fair, that since its third season has recently come out on Netflix, to talk about Disenchantment. The first season came out in August of 2018, featuring Abbi Jacobson as the voice of Princess Tiabeanie, the only princess of Dreamland, as well as Eric Andre for Luci and Nat Faxon as Elfo. The three share many adventures together, and unlike most princesses, Tiabeanie (or Bean for short) just wants to do things her own way, which mostly involves getting drunk in a bar all night.


Tiabeanie starts off trying to escape from her arranged marriage set up by her father King Zog and her stepmother Queen Oona. Along the way, she meets Luci, a demon from Hell sent to corrupt her soul, and Elfo, an elf who left his village since he just couldn’t fit in with all the other elves. The three seem to just connect, and their friendship is unbreakable, even with cult crazy lunatics chasing Bean down.


Bean goes through many different emotions on her adventures, and even though she tends to constantly make the wrong choice, in the end she always makes up for it when it really matters. The show has lots of great character development, not just in Bean, but also with her father, younger brother, and stepmother. The show also contains many moments of satire with the entire Kingdom, and each episode is sure to keep you laughing and entertained. Such as moment where Bean and Luci try to explain to Elfo why he needs to ‘go to Hell’ the actual place, and he takes it as them insulting him. And there’s so much humor around it’s hard to pinpoint just a few funny moments to prove it’s worth. And although King Zog might not be the best King or dad, he really does love Tiabeanie. Personally, I believe the character development in Luci went really far, especially after season 1. Even though he brought Bean where he was supposed to, he ended up saving not just her life but Elfo’s as well, showing that he valued their lives more than her did his powers and job.


Overall, the show displays many unique perspectives and stories that just make you want to watch more. I would have to rate it a 10/10, as the plot line and development all make sense and the character development is near tear jerking. It is safe to say, however, that the show isn’t child friendly as it contains lots of dark humor and inappropriate words. The show kept me on the edge of my seat every season, and I can’t wait for season 4 to come out.