A “berry” good time


Taylor Thompson

Half of a flat (as pictured above) is only seven dollars at the festival!

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

The Plant City Strawberry Festival is something that most people in this area of Florida have either been to or know people who have been. The most popular fair in the area, it’s right in the peak of strawberry season, hence the name. With hundreds of food vendors and many rides and games, the festival is perfect for children, even though the rides do look quite questionable.

The strawberries that you can buy at the festival from one of the many vendors are very good and very affordable. However, the strawberry shortcake that you can get there isn’t as good as one would think it should be. The strawberries aren’t the best and the shortcake is kind of dry. However, there are a lot of great vendors there with many good and unique foods, but in my opinion, a simple corn dog is the best thing there. I think a lot of other people would agree as well, as the buttermilk corn dog stand had a line with at least 30 people in it at all times.

The one thing I would have to say about the festival that could be better, is there could be more animals. They have cows, chickens, and pigs; however, they’re spread out and just in pens or cages. One highlight of my trip, though, was the cow costume contest. 21 different trainers, all in high school or lower, dressed up themselves and their cows in a costume to be judged. They judged it in categories and then one winner overall. The winner, a six-year-old boy, dressed as a 2020 hero (a nurse with a coronavirus cow) was very fitting for the times. Overall, the festival was very, very, fun and I’d definitely go again for years to come.  This year’s festival runs through Sunday, March 14, so you still have a couple of days to immerse yourself in all thing strawberry.