I ditto you

A movie where true love is strong even when one is a ghost.

Showing Molly and Sam, with a small glimpse of how strong their love for each other is.

Showing Molly and Sam, with a small glimpse of how strong their love for each other is.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the film Ghost, released in 1990, the story follows Sam Wheat (played by Patrick Swayze) and his girlfriend Molly Jensen (played by Demi Moore). The two of them share a deep love for each other, and it can be seen through all of their interactions, Molly wishes for Sam to say he loves her, but he always just says ‘ditto’ when she says it. Unfortunately, one day, when Sam was walking home with Molly, a thief ran up to them, and Sam and the thief broke into a fight, when a gun came out resulting in Sam’s death. Upon death, Sam sees Molly holding his dead body in complete tears.


After his death, Sam is devastated that he isn’t able to comfort Molly in any way, but he still follows her around as a ghost. In doing so, he sees the same man who killed him break into the house while Molly is upstairs. Sam tries to warm her, but being a ghost, she can’t hear him. Soon afterwards, Sam realizes that this man targeted him and Molly and learns that his best friend Carl Bruner had hired the thief to rob them.  Sam was Carl’s boss as a banker, and Carl wanted the password which Sam had on him, to smuggle millions of the bank’s money. Sam soon learns this fact and wants two things: revenge and to be with Molly again. So being desperate, Sam meets a psychic who up until she met Sam, was a fraud. The two work together, in exchange that the money being stolen by Carl, will go to her, although Sam did have to annoy her for a while into complying at first, since she thought she was going crazy when she first saw him.


Sam tries to meet with Molly through Ode Mae Brown (the psychic), with Ode being the ‘translator’ to Molly from Sam. Molly refuses to believe it, and Sam tells Ode to tell Molly he loves her, to which she laughs and says “Sam would never say that” and starts to walk off, when Sam tells Ode to say “Ditto” and Molly turns around in shock. The movie is a classic and has been referenced to in many different shows and other movies like Family Guy, The Naked Gun 2 ½, and The Simpsons, as well as many other shows and movies.


I would have to rate this movie a 9 out of 10, It had a great plot with the betrayal of his best friend, and his revenge seeking. I loved how they used the ditto scene, and it may just be my favorite scene in the movie, just because how nicely done it was. It’s a good movie for the family, although it may be a bit too much for younger children, and it has a bit of a slow start that may be hard to focus on, but once it gets to the robbery scene, it’s really entertaining. It doesn’t have much comedy, but it is a great romance ilm, with a great ending sure to tug some heart strings.