In need of a laugh?


A side by side comparison of the expectation compared to what the contestant on the show Nailed It! made. Have in mind that they have a time limit but still managed to get nothing right.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

Nailed It! a Netflix original show, features three at-home bakers who compete for $10,000 and the Nailed It trophy. What is funny is how their creations end up looking. Many times, not even close to what was expected, and the reactions are just what can make anyone laugh.

Nicole Byer, the host of the show, introduces the expected product and then starts the timer that they have to comply with. Next to her is Jacques Torres, a French pastry chef and chocolatier and member of the International Culinary Center. They are the members that are there every episode along side a guest. Guests have included Felicia Day, Hubert Keller, Rosanna Pansino, Charles Phoenix, etc. What everyone wants to see is the look on the judges’ faces when looking at the end product of the contestants. Their reactions are always hilarious and they all laugh together, which is even better.

Of course, the product of the contestants isn’t expected to be a replica of what they need to try to get to, but seeing how their pastries end up are always a shock. The process of how they get there is also funny. They have to follow specific recipe but still some contestants manage to mess it up. Some have used the wrong type of sugar or even salt! Others resort to using an ingredient that look similar but in the end it ruins the finishing product. Seeing them contemplate between ingredients and laughing can put a smile in your face as you know they are all having fun. The one that will always come as a shock is when replicating, at the time President Trump, instead of following exactly what to do the contestant used noodles for his hair! The shocking products they make are beyond hilarious and they are a must watch.

The show currently on its 5th season is thriving as the audience loves the side by side of expectations vs. reality as it can be very similar to something they have done in their own home. A show that can be relatable and still funny at the same time can guarantee you entertainment.