Trapped in the spirit world


The photo shows Chihiro along with all of the friends she made along her journey, as she waves goodbye to them before heading back to the human world.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The 2001 film Spirited Away follows the story of a young girl named Chihiro as she and her parents get a bit sidetracked during their move to a new town. The movie was produced by Studio Ghibli, which has also made other movies such as Ponya, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Princess Mononoke.


When 10-year old Chihiro moves to a new town with her parents, she’s worried about how life is going to be now, and on the drive to her new house with her parents, they get a bit lost. They find themselves outside this old tunnel, and against Chihiro’s wishes, her parents decide to go exploring, where they find this old amusement park, with no other guests or employees despite being open. Chihiro’s parents are hungry and decide to eat the food at the buffet saying they’ll pay once the employees arrive, and Chihiro wanders off. When the sun starts to set, she begins to realize they’re trapped.


Chihiro goes to find her parents after a while of exploring, and when she returns to where she left them, she just sees two pigs eating all the food, in her parents’ clothes, and as she begins to freak out, many different spirits and monsters start to appear out of thin air. Chihiro meets a young boy named Haku who seems to be a spirit himself with the appearance of a human, he takes her to a safe place and tries to help her escape, but without her parents, she’s not going anywhere.


Chihiro goes through many hardships trying to save her parents from the spirit world and grows as a person with each hardship. Like her fall from the sky and having to work in the bath house under order of the witch. I would have to rate the movie a 8/10, as it was a movie I grew up loving, and would highly recommend it. It’s a good family movie with a great ending. The movie is full of many different heartwarming scenes with all the characters, and Chihiro even makes some spirit friends along the journey, like Haku, No Face, and Lin.