The God of Mischief gets his own show


This picture shows Loki (Tom Hiddleston) dressed in a prisoner-like outfit with his infamous smirk dragged across his face.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

After years of love from fans, Thor’s infamous brother Loki will finally get the spotlight for the first time in his life (even though he is technically dead). The new series will be title Loki and is the third installment of Marvel’s new TV shows. The show comes after the release of Wandavision and Falcon and Winter Soldier and follows the events after Avengers: Endgame. The show is set to release on June 11 of this year and will take place after his death and explore his journey in the afterlife.


Loki is the adopted brother of Thor but does not share his heroic attributes. Instead, Loki strayed a different path and earned himself the title of God of Mischief. The two have never shared the same spotlight and it always seems Loki gets the short end of the stick. Fans learn to love him even though he is technically portrayed as a villain. This is because of his charismatic attributes and his constant battle between good and bad. It also doesn’t hurt that the actor Tom Hiddleston is adored by many. In the most recent trailer of the series, it is revealed that the show will take place after his death by the hand Thanos in the last Avengers movie. In the Marvel universe, no one ever really dies, and we see this side come out in the trailer. The show follows Loki’s life after he has already passed and ‘living’ in the Timekeepers’ palace. The Timekeepers are those who ensure everything is accounted for in every universe and every reality. This is where Loki comes into play.


While the Avengers were going back in time to apprehend the Tesseract in order to stop Thanos, Loki accidentally came into contact with the Tesseract and escaped. This version of himself was then separated from the Marvel timeline and created an alternate reality. Keep in mind this was the Loki from the original Avengers movie so his intentions were not the best. He inadvertently created an alternate timeline in which different actions occurred than what viewers saw in Endgame. The Timekeepers are now tasked with the job of fixing this issue, and they need Loki’s help to do so. Marvel has now once again dived back into the realm of time travel with this new series. Fans don’t know which way this series will go and which version of Loki will be the main focus. It is likely that the two versions will be shown (the real one who has just died, and the alternate one who was created during the events in Endgame). Marvel always has tricks up their sleeve and with the God of Mischief himself starring in a main role, it will certainly be a wild ride.


The newest show that has been announced for Marvel could be its craziest one yet. Loki will come with twists and turns so be sure to pay close attention because the producers could easily throw in some events that may go along with past or future shows/movies that are set to air.