Shadow and Bone review


All the main characters can be seen in this beautifully done poster.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Last Friday, a new show, called Shadow and Bone came out on Netflix. Netflix has been releasing many shows and most of them are very good. This one is no exception. It has the usual number of episodes that the Netflix shows have, eight episodes that are each around an hour long. The show is about an orphan girl, Alina, who works as a mapmaker in a country wrought with war. The country is split by something called the fold, a place full of darkness and evil creatures. Not long into the first episode, it’s found out that Alina is actually what’s known as a grisha, someone with magical powers, and just so happens to have the power that’s fabled to be able to destroy the fold. The show follows Alina as she trains to be able to use her power and face the obvious dangers that come with being someone who people see as a saint.

The show was good but seemed as if there could have been more. The characters seemed almost flat and it was slightly hard to follow. Geographically it was very hard to follow where they were; I didn’t really know where they were until the last few episodes. Not only that, but the characters seemed to be flat in a way, even in parts where there should have been great emotion, it never really quite got to the point it should’ve. Despite this, it was still a very enjoyable show that is set up very well for a second season and I would gladly watch more of it. It leaves off on a cliffhanger that made the watcher anxious to see what’s going to happen next. Similarly, the end was where three storylines started to connect and it’s intriguing to see how they’re all going to interact. They did make it so the watcher will come back.