The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


A poster of the famous Marvel Series streaming in Disney Plus, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson previously known as Falcon on the left and on the right Bucky Barnes previously known as the Winter Soldier.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

A show many looked forward to and it did not disappoint one bit. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes place after the Blip. The Blip was when Thanos snapped his fingers and destroyed half of the population of the universe, then five years later in Avengers Endgame it was all fixed bringing everyone back. Coming back from the tragedy of it all Iron Man died, and Captain America is nowhere to be seen. To start it all off the world is looking for a new Captain America while there are terrorists roaming around causing chaos.

There are many new villains like the Power Broken, the villain in the shadows, and Flag Smasher or also known as Karli Morgenthau. The main villain is Karli as her organization created chaos and had illegal serum which granted them superhuman abilities all done to be heard by the government. While that was occurring, United States was looking for a new Captain America and the role was given to an “honorable” man known as John Walker. A man despised by the watchers but seen as a hero in their world. The reason for the hatred is firstly he isn’t anything like the original Captain America and the other is that he turned bad when his sidekick, Lemar Hoskins, was killed. The mistakes don’t stop there as he also takes the super serum behind everyone’s back and kills a man from Karli’s organization out of regret and hate.

Having to deal with the new Captain America being a murderer, Karli’s organization and the Power Broker, Falcon and Winter Soldier team up and go to stop them. Zemo the villain from Captain America: Civil War, teams up with them briefly and assists them. Sharon Carter another previously seen character known to the good guys, also teams up with them. Not only does the show focus on the villains but focuses on world issues like racial inequalities and minorities not having a voice (the villain’s purpose for the fight). To wrap it all up Falcon turns into the new and improved Captain America, making him the first ever black figure like that and with similar views as the first. Captain America and Winter Soldier were both able to stop the chaos but in the hands of the greatest twist in history being Sharon Carter as the Power Broker killing Karli.

The fans are completely satisfied with how everything was portrayed but still expect the story to be continued. The show having new characters and unexpected twists kept the fans connected and obsessed as always.  Many fans are looking forward to seeing the story of the new Captain America and the Power Broker’s story in a new season or it being continued in a movie. It’s only a matter of time that Marvel answers our questions.