The return of Spidermen


In the photo above, it shows all of the Spidermen that came into Miles’ dimension, and we can see a different style with each of the other Spidermen.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the movie Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse, we see different Spidermen from multiple different dimensions come all into one. And with most of them having been a hero for a long time already, Miles Morales feels like he has no place, since he only just discovered his powers, and doesn’t know how to use them. In order to defeat the evil Liev Schreiber Kingpin, they all work together, despite the odds being against them.


Miles was just your average kid until he got his powers, but with the move to a new school and the pressure from his dad, he just feels out of place. Especially when his dad (a police officer) drives him to school, and over the speaker makes Miles say he loves him, embarrassing him in front of all the other kids, only making everything worse. Luckily though, Miles has a great uncle, Aaron, who loves Miles, so he tries to help Miles understand his dad despite the fact that his brother (Miles’ dad) and his relationship is very strained. Miles loves to graffiti, and when his uncle shows him this cool new place, he decides to sneak out in the night to graffiti the place up. Unfortunately, he gets bitten by a spider, and all of a sudden, he’s got powers.


Unfortunately, Miles knows nothing about how to control his powers, and tries to figure it out through the use of comic books about Spider-Man. And after the death of Peter Parker, Miles feels responsible to save the world, since he was there when Peter lost his life. And as he tries to learn how to control his powers, he ends up meeting a Spiderman from another dimension, whose name also happens to be Peter Parker, except he is a Spiderman who failed. Miles knows that Kingpin is the one who killed the original Spiderman of that world, and while he knows that Kingpin is doing something that will destroy the world, he doesn’t know why or what exactly.


Along the way Miles meets multiple other Spidermen, one being a girl around his age. The two first meet in school where she is pretending to be a regular student, and then incidentally meet again in the middle of Peter and Miles trying to steal something from Kingpin. This movie is full of funny scenes, that are sure to keep people laughing, like the ending scene (can’t say due to spoiling the movie), and the scene where Miles is stuck to the outside of a train and can’t get off due to him not being able to control his powers, so he’s just getting thrown all around the city hitting things, and even gets the cops on his tail.


This was a great movie, and it’s perfect for kids, I give it a 9/10, the ending was just amazing, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I loved all the plot twists that were shown, although, I will say I feel like the movie producer should have added some small hints about why Kingpin is doing this, instead of just throwing it all in the last scenes.