2021 has been an interesting year, and the Met Gala looks represented that perfectly

“American Independence” was the Met Gala’s theme this year, but were the stylist given too much creative freedom?

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

This year’s theme for the Met Gala was American independence. Many celebrities took this theme and transformed it into something beautiful reflected in their designer dresses and suits. However, there were many looks that took the theme to an extra level, and one could define these looks as something extravagantly strange. I mean, there is no argument that someone could make that would support coming to the Met Gala dressed as a horse as fashionable, but it did make quite the statement.

Here is a breakdown of some of the night’s most memorable looks and how they correlate to the theme of American independence.

Arguably, the celebrity that caught the most massive social media attention was Kim Kardashian. She arrived to the Met dressed head to toe in a black suit that covered every single inch of her body and face. This was a very questionable choice of costume and it is leaving critics around America confused as to what the reasoning could possibly mean. Her custom Balenciaga suit contained a long black tail in the back that split into two separate ways. Her mask was created by Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia. Another strange aspect to layer onto the rest of this interesting fashion choice was that Gvasalia and Kayne West, Kim’s ex-husband, accompanied Kim and shared similar black suits that covered their faces. There is no true correlation as to how this fits into the theme; however, fans speculate that the all black outfit is a promotional statement for Kanye’s new album Donda in which has a full black cover. There has been further comments spread by fans stating that Kim was trying to prove that women’s bodies are sexualized in media and especially in Hollywood due to the fact that despite her entire body being covered, we could all tell it was Kim based upon her body shape.

Photo by Theo Wargo


Kim Petra strolled into the Met Gala wearing nothing other than a horse head attached to her dress. This was not only comical, but is said to represent ‘horse girls’ in America. The singer was able to humor fans and take the somewhat serious theme of American independence and turn it into something that would allow everyone to laugh, and gander at the interesting design choice. Petra was styled by Collina Strada, and there is nothing further to say about this look other than the fact that it left viewers with a face of confusion and laughter, which was the ultimate goal. Shout out to the horse girls who are finally receiving their moment in mainstream media.  Photo by John Shearer

Photo by John Shearer


Hollywood actor Timothee Chalamet rolled into the Met Gala with a white suit top and paired it with what looks to be sweat pants and Converse. The mix matched look is both confusing and is making fans ponder the question of, was he actually being serious? Although there seems to be no relation to this year’s theme reflected in his outfit, the actor did pay homage to American street artists and collaborated with French artist JR. The sweat pant moment was nothing but comical in the eyes of many viewers. In fact, when I first saw this outfit choice I couldn’t help but think that he looked fully prepared for an at home Zoom meeting, dressed at the top, and comfortable at the bottom.

Photo by Getty Images


Billie Eilish took the Met Gala by storm arriving in her Marilyn Monroe inspired look. Personally, I don’t think that anyone could have pulled this off better than Billie, and it did make quite the statement because this is not the usual Billie Eilish style. Her dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta and paired with jewelry from Cartier. This fit the year’s theme perfectly and paid homage to Monroe. It is speculated that Billie chose Marilyn because she was one of the first women in America to show and relish her real body and dispose the expected body image of models of the time.

Photo by John Shearer


Lili Reinhart sported a light pink dress with flowers attached to it. Her gown was designed by Christian Siriano and displayed the state flower of all 50 American states. Her gown fit the theme perfectly and represented each state as diverse from the other, and allowed for every state to be recognized, which represents the independent aspect of the theme. I absolutely love this look and believe that Reinhart pulled it off perfectly. She looked stunning and was one of the best dressed at the event.

Photo by Getty Images