AirPods Max review

Is it really worth the nearly $600 it is selling for?


The AirPods Max in all their glory.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I’ve been thinking about these headphones since they have been released in December of 2020. And I’ve been holding off. But this summer I decided to start a savings and I decided I could dip into it a little just for these headphones. And let me tell you, it’s all the hype.


There are different colors to choose from–space gray, silver, sky blue, green, and pink–with 40mm dynamic drivers speakers, a twenty hour battery life, noise canceling, spatial audio, audio sharing, and Siri. These headphones are all an Apple user would want and more. The spatial audio is comparable to an IMAX movie theater, as the audio surrounds you, these big features make AirPods Max

truly worth the price of $549. Although, many people believe it is just the Apple name overpricing an item, these are some of the best headphones. But yes, of course, there are cheaper options. but the design, sound quality and features on offer make these the real deal.


The Maxes are amazing quality. They have all the right things in all the right places. Except, the smart case it comes in. It’s not protective at all considering how it only overs the ears of the headphones. If you were to spend the $549 on these, consider spending another $30 for a protective case for them. I get why it isn’t protective. Apple values design over safety of the product. But still, for the price I was hoping I didn’t have to spend another $30 on a case.


But there are many pros and only one con. So it was easily our weighted for me. Everyone told me I might look a little silly walking around with these big headphones on my head, but honestly, the sound quality makes up for any jokes I have to endure. If you are thinking about buying these, do it!  You won’t regret it.