A few songs I know all the words to.

What are your picks?


This doesn’t really apply but just wanted to share that my dog ate my Airpod the other day. I guess it Impaired my ability to listen to these songs? We’ll go with that.

Brendan Wells, Web Editor

As someone who spent most of their childhood around music, I’ve grown up soaking all the sounds that I could across genres and generations. Through this, I’ve found some songs that the crowd my age would refer to as “absolute heaters” or songs that you’re legally required to roll the windows and scream out to the world for. Here they are.

“Instant Crush”- Daft Punk
I would hold “Instant Crush” to the same standard as Picasso’s best, as French duo Daft Punk combine electronic, pop, rock, and soul into a five and a half minute journey through a tumultuous relationship. Julian Casablancas of the Strokes provides light vocals that provide impactful lyrical content to a song that uniquely spotlights production over vocals. While the slower energy of this song doesn’t match most of the fast-paced cuts on this list, “Instant Crush”’s pure beauty and intense emotion makes it worthy of the aux in any car.

“Cry Me a River”- Justin Timberlake
I’ll be the first to defend pop music for its “trashy” qualities that I myself would consider high art. “Cry Me a River” is pop music at its most unique, as hip-hop-esque 808 synthesizers provide a dark backdrop for Timberlake to deliver heartbroken yet unsympathetic lyrics. The emotion behind telling your once significant other to cry their eyes out over what they’re missing because THEY messed up… it’s toxicity at its highest peak.

“Heartless”- Kanye West
While much of Kanye’s solo material could’ve landed on this list, “Heartless” is a prime example of critical skill colliding with smash mainstream success. With barebones simplistic production and quotable lyrics, “Heartless” is a stadium anthem for the heartbroken. Everyone has one person that comes to mind once Kanye’s auto tuned vocals come into the forefront, and the effect is truly special.

“Float On”- Modest Mouse
A song I hold pretty close to me, “Float On” is a simple reminder to just keep going. Despite the song coming out the year I was born, I remember playing along to it in Rockband in my earliest years, and since then, it’s just stuck. The reminder that everyone struggles sometimes is comforting, and this song serves as the perfect embodiment of that idea.

“Die for you”- the weekend
Most likely my favorite song ever, die for you is everything that’s amazing about music. It’s 4 and a half minutes of pure melodrama, with the essential theme surrounding a love that you genuinely and whole heartedly, would die for. The weekends vocals aren’t impressive as always, but the structure this song follows is incredible, as verses where he seems unsure about his love transition into a chorus that could only be described as a blockbuster, with the instrumentation suddenly opening up as the weekends vocals soar. A truly captivating song from beginning to end, this song surely is unforgettable.