Three books you need to read

“A home without a book is darker than one without a lamp.”

“A home without a book is darker than one without a lamp.”

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

While many people can read and write, only a small percentage of the population actually read books. It has become uncommon the younger the generations get. I never enjoyed reading until very recently, and every time I go out with a book, people look at me weird. I’ve even had some come up to me and tell me, “you actually like to read?” I know very few people – like one – that enjoy reading just for fun. If you enjoy reading, this article is for you. Here are three books you should definitely read.


  1. I Will Always Write Back

This book is amazing. A boy in Africa is pen pals with a girl around the same age in America. This book is based on a true story. They exchange letters telling their life stories, helping one another, and develop a strong sibling-like relationship. I liked this book because it shows how humane people can be. They go through so many problems, but they do it together. It amazes me. If you enjoy books with drama, kindness, and real-world action, this book is for you.

  1. Tuesdays with Morrie

This book it so sad, it’s so good. Based in a real story, an old professor discovers that he is plagued with a disease that would soon take over his body and kill him. A student of his from years past saw on the news that his old professor was dying, and because he had made such an emotional and spiritual impact in his life, he decided to go see his professor in his last moments. I like this book because it is filled with emotion, valuable life skills, and important lessons. Definitely think you’ll like this book.

  1. The Unwanted’s

This book series had my face stuck to the pages for months. I read all seven of these books in less than four months. While they are on the younger side, these books are great for anyone who loves adventure, creative magic, drama, suspense, and family. Think of Harry Potter and Hunger Games mixed together. Basically, two brothers are on opposite sides of the war, and with the help of his very close group of friends, one of the twins soon wins the battles between all seven islands. I absolutely love these books. Because I love action and mystical stuff, I found these books extremely entertaining and lovable. One hundred percent recommend this series.


If you don’t enjoy reading, trust me and find something you love. For example, if you love romance books, there are tons of different romance novels you can read. If you like action and magic, such as myself, there are so many books out there that meet your standards. There is at least one book out there that is so good, it’ll get you into reading so fast. While I am in the process of reading new books, these are the one I can remember I have read. There are a lot. Look forward to reading another book review in the futureJ