How can you love the person that hurts you the most?

How many chances can one give until the final petal is picked from the flower? Colleen Hoover puts this analogy to the ultimate test through the romantically tragic and heartbreaking novel, It Ends With Us, which follows Lily Bloom’s love journey with neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid.

Love may be the worst thing that could happen to someone.

Love may be the worst thing that could happen to someone.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

Lily Bloom’s childhood was not one that is apparent in the typical family. She grew up observing her father abuse her mother when the slightest inconvenience stalled the motions of his routine. Hidden beneath her innocent persona and quite nature, Lily lived her life pretending as though she wasn’t terrified that her father would hit her mother on the side of the head too hard one day leading to a visit to the hospital and her well known father being exposed to the town. She knew that her mother was a victim of domestic violence, but she could never truly fathom why her mother let this abuse continue. There is an easy way out, report it to the police. What Lily did not grasp was the extent to which abuse has on one’s mentality and how they are so afraid to do anything, thinking that there would be further consequences to follow. It was not until Lily found herself in the shoes of her mother that she was able to grasp the ultimate strength it took to walk away from an abusive relationship.

The age had finally come when Lily was ready to move away from her childhood town, away from her mother and father and into the big city of Boston, Massachusetts. After a long day’s work, she found herself on a rooftop balcony gazing at the luminous lights below her. Lily stood alone in the silence, only for it to be broken by an angry man in scrubs flipping over chairs. When the eyes of the two strangers grasp each other at once, the anger is diminished and leads to a deep conversation in the darkness of the rooftop.

Without spoiling the extravagant details written by Colleen Hoover, the angry man of the rooftop, Ryle, and Lily begin a romantic journey together. Everything seems to be perfect and Lily’s happiness exceeds greatly as she has a new, seemingly perfect, surgeon of a boyfriend and a new flower shop that she has recently opened. It was the type of life that Lily could never have pictured for herself back in her childhood. However, both Lily and Ryle struggle with letting their past haunt them. Ryle, with his little brother Emerson, who passed away as a child, and Lily with her first love, Atlas. The strings that made them who they were got crossed and perfect love that Ryle and Lily found began to get knotted.

Ryle has always struggled with anger issues due to the death of Emerson and has failed to completely work them out. His anger is captured in moments when his temper is tampered with and his mind goes completely haywire, causing him to do things without thinking, as in hitting his girlfriend. The plot only thickens when Atlas, Lily’s first love is revealed to Ryle and the complications of the relationship worsen. However, through all of these battles and underlying trauma, Ryle and Lily believe that they can make their relationship work.

Colleen Hoover’s writing style makes it as though you are part of the relationship. Personally, I felt every feeling that Lily was experiencing. I felt the love for Ryle and the heartbreak and the confusion. This novel is so immense and powerful with the emotion provoking imagery and will not fail to make a reader distressed. This was a book that I finished in all of two days simply because my brain needed to know what was going to happen next. Hoover grasped my attention so immensely that even after weeks of being finished with the book, I still experience heartbreak when I think of the characters. The lessons that I have learned from this book are so important and I believe that it is beneficial for anyone to read no matter their preference in books. The message is extremely powerful and really portrays the mindset of a woman that is in an abusive relationship. It displays the mental manipulation that one faced when in the face of danger, making them blind to the unforgivable acts that their partner is acting on.