Secrets are destined to be revealed

The only thing worse than having a secret revealed is denying the truth


The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz is a great novel to read if you are interested in thrillers and have a taste for conflict.

Makayla Bech, Staff Writer

The ability to write is a gift that many individuals take for granted. Not everyone is a great writer; however, with a great idea anyone can create a masterpiece. Jacob Bonner was a published author of two books that gained relatively no publicity. Life as a failed author was not the path that he envisioned for himself, and certainly becoming a creative writing professor was completely out of the picture. However, as life seems to go, Jake got thrown into the deep end and he did end up being employed by a small creative writing school, where he met the man that would change the entire trajectory of his life, for worse and for better. The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz explores the life of a failed writer and what he must do in order to make his name heard.

With an extensive amount of confidence, in walked Evan Parker into the conservative office of Professor Jacob Bonner. Jake had little to no desire to meet with Evan, but as his profession insisted, he was obligated to do so. Evan Parker walks into the office withholding a plot that would change the face of writing, with the potential to become not only a bestseller but the bestselling book since Shakespeare.

“Good writers borrow, great writers steal.” Who is to say that Jake did not have the right to take the extravagant plot idea for a novel from a nobody student that he met years ago and has heard nothing of for ages? Who is to say that anyone will ever find out? With these thoughts held in the mind of Jacob Bonner, he officially decides that he is going to use the plot and create a novel that will one day find him with his face plastered on the front of magazines and sipping coffee on early morning talk shows. It is the life that Jake always wanted, so what was stopping him from having it? Nothing. Nothing was stopping him because the only person that would have the original contents of the book was dead.

The Plot is a thrilling novel written by Jean Hanff Korelitz. This book follows Jacob “Finch” Bonner who has always held the idealistic picture in his mind of becoming a famous author. When he finally achieves this, there is a major conflict that could mean the end of his career and even himself. Korelitz develops a novel within a novel. She follows the adventures of Jake as he works on his writing and as he tries to uncover this anonymous internet troll that knows his secret. It also reveals excerpts from Crib, which is Jake’s stolen novel that brought about his fame. Crib is a novel written by Evan Parker, stolen by Jacob Bonner. The novel explores the real life and childhood of Parker without actually revealing the true names of his sister or mother. The book follows a path of rejected motherhood and leaves audiences astonished with the turn of events between the mother and daughter when the daughter attempts to stray for college.

This is the type of book that would be enjoyable for readers who have a taste for thrillers. It had a complete plot and so many detailed protagonists, and antagonists. It developed a story that followed not only Jake, but the characters within the novel that he wrote. There are many discrepancies that keep the reader engaged, even though I will say that the ending was predictable. However, I would not say that that is a drawback because it was still very enjoyable and even though I was able to figure out how it was going to end, there were so many other conflicts that kept my focus and curiosity.