Tyler the Creator Part Two

Seeing my absolute favorite person in the world for the second time.


My view when Tyler was on the main stage.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Freshman year I saw Tyler for the first time for the Igor tour; now I’m a senior and saw him yet again. But this time, I wasn’t just in the seats jumping around; I was front of the pit. Let’s unravel this, shall we. Between him rolling out in his blue Rolls-Royce and a motorboat cruising along the pit seats this show completely changed the game. But it wasn’t just Tyler’s performances that shook the crowds, but the goddess Kali Uchis, rapper Vince Staples and Teezo Touchdown. They all had their sets that fit their aesthetic perfectly, one after another, they all had the crowd jumping.


I had VIP safari tickets, which means, early access to the venue, early access to the merchandise, personal waiting room (literally a basketball court at USF), and an exclusive merchandise package. This came one day before the concert and had a lanyard, a compass, pins, socks, and your VIP badge. I felt exclusive. And even though we got to the venue at 3 when we didn’t even get allowed in till 5, I was still the 107th person in line. But I eventually made my way up from the 7th row to the front, thanks to everyone jumping and moshing around.



Tyler came from under the stage, lifted by his iconic blue Rolls-Royce and butler to open the door for him. The set then changed to a two story vintage house, which eventually “blew up.”  In between songs Tyler is a literal comedian, he was joking with audience members and talking to the nosebleeds that have the “literal worst seat in this place.” He then got on a motorboat that is located right in the middle of the pit, cruising all the way from the main stage (where I was front row) to this grass stage. Vince Staples preformed on the second stage all the way at the back too, and I couldn’t see it at all. So honestly, I was a little butt-hurt I couldn’t see him perform at all, but he made sure everyone had equal experience. But he performed “She,” which is one of my all-time favorite songs, on the second stage. Thankfully he eventually he came back, cruising the same way he came on his iconic motorboat in the middle of the pit. At this point I had been at USF for over six hours, and although I brought a portable charger, my phone died on his third to last song, so I had to live in the moment.



All the performances blew the crowd away, as everyone in the pit was basically on top of each other, sharing and passing around cups of water and being surrounded by sweaty jumping bodies. But honestly, in the moment, you don’t even think about it since you just are in that adrenaline. I also got to touch Vince Staple’s hand, my biggest flex of the whole concert. And even though I lost $60 somewhere in the pit when I was jumping around, it was all worth it. Made my freshman to senior year worth every tear.