Morbius steps up to bat

Daniel Espinosa’s new film introduces the newest Sony/Marvel anti-hero.


Ethan Caswell, Staff Writer

In the words of Dr. Michael Morbius, “I feel more alive than ever.” That’s how I felt about being able to go to the movies on my birthday this year. Not only has it been two years since I have been able to celebrate at the theater, but it has taken two years for this movie to finally come out! Morbius has finally arrived after being delayed six times by Sony Picture Studios.

I went to this movie with a lot of anticipation but had been warned prior that I would be disappointed as reviews have not been great. I was still looking forward to it because it is Marvel and I like anti-hero stories, plus it has Jared Leto (Joker and House of Gucci) as the star.  The movie features Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, the lead character, who has a life-threatening disease that cannot be cured. His brother Milo, played by Matt Smith, has the same condition and is also dying. Dr. Morbius discovers through his research that bats’ DNA spliced with his own can cure this illness. Unfortunately, there are undesired side effects that occur like being ravenous for blood, especially at night, which sets the storyline of the movie.

I enjoyed watching this movie and give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It reminded me a lot of Venom 2 with the quality-level of the overall movie. Is this film going to win an Oscar? No. Reviews have been very mixed, with Rotten Tomatoes’ critics score at 16%, but their audience score is at 70% (full popcorn bucket) which is typically a movie worth seeing. I think that the film is entertaining; it stars a great method-actor (Leto) who really gets into strange parts, and this movie may tie-in to the other Marvel stories at some point. I feel that Mobius is worth a trip to see it on the big-screen. However, if you are looking for a riveting, deep, profound story, you may want to keep looking, and wait for this one to come to video.