Moon Knight aims to create magic

Disney+ introduces new Marvel hero/anti-hero with new series Moon Knight


Oscar Isaac stars in the new series Moon Knight.

Ethan Caswell, Staff Writer

The Disney +/ Marvel Studios partnership has ushered in their newest creation to the superhero arena with the new limited-series Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac shows his true talent by both producing and starring as a person with dual-personalities, the characters of both Steven Grant and Marc Spector in Moon Knight. The series also stars Ethan Hawke as the antagonist Arthur Harrow. May Calamawy stars as Layla El-Faouly, Marc Spector’s wife.

In the show, Steven Grant is a lonely, ordinary and somewhat boring giftshop operator at a museum of ancient history. Steven suspects that he is waking in the night while he is asleep and doing things he can’t remember. Indeed he is, as when he falls to sleep, the character Mark Spector, dangerous mercenary who serves the Egyptian God Conchu as his avatar, takes over. Steven finds out through Mark’s mirror reflections yelling at him to give up control of the body, that indeed Mark actually takes over Steven’s body quite often, and he is married to a woman named Layla. He has a completely different and very bloody lifestyle as he does what the Egyptian God Conchu demands. Oscar Isaac plays a very complex set of characters that have many internal battles.

As of the second episode, Ethan Hawke’s character Arthur Harrow seems to be the show’s bad villain beyond possibly the main character himself. Arthur used to be Conchu’s avatar but now serves the Egyptian god Ahmed. Ahmed professes that she can judge and know a person’s true character and if they have, or will ever, do evil. This is symbolized by a tattoo of scales on her worshippers’ forearms. As Arthur considers each person’s value with a cane gifted by Ahmed, he has the ability to kill anyone he’s deemed evil by touching them.

An interesting addition to the story is both Mark and Steven’s ability to summon more characters that have been gifted by powers from Conchu to aid in his battles against Ahmed. The characters (again, two alternate personalities it seems) appear dressed in gray with their eyes glowing. One is dashing Mark’s hero, dressed in a cloak. The other is Steven’s bumbling, dapper hero, dressed in a suit. It will be interesting to learn more about these characters in future episodes.

So far, as of the second episode, I would give Moon Knight a solid thumbs up! I like the actors chosen to play the roles, the storyline, and the action in the show.  There are some confusing parts in the story as the personalities spar with each other, but I am willing to overlook it so far for a promising new series to watch on TV.