Senior parking spots

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

           Painting your senior parking spot is like a rite of passage at East Lake. The parking lot begins with old marked up spots saying “class of 2010” but when this year’s seniors were finished, the parking lot looked like it had a breath of fresh air.

             This year there was a common theme of religious symbols and sayings on the parking spots. Senior Jonell Gregor put a Bible verse on hers. Monica Freifeld and Cole Krug, who are Senior Class president and vice president, combined their spots and painted a large Star of David across both spots. Nicole Aleman and Noah Wittee also combined their spots and painted a cross across the two spots.

           Some seniors like to keep it simple with just their name and the year they graduate, while others go all out. Kimmy Gooch painted a large killer whale across her spot and it looks professional.

             For the seniors who aren’t as creative there is hope. Some students ask their friends who are artistically inclined to paint their spot. This may include a small fee of course depending on how kind the friend is. Lance Schneider had his friend Myrtle Agoncillo help him paint his spot. Lance said, “She did an awesome job, it looks great, I couldn’t have done it without her.”

             Painting senior spots is a lot of work but is also really fun. While decorating your own spot you can walk around and see your friends and their masterpieces. So whether you’re artistically inclined or have no painting ability at all every spot that was painted turned out awesome.