Rainy days aren’t always boring

Imran Ahmed, Web editor

     What is it about rainy days that get people so excited? Absolutely nothing!  For those who are always just staring out that window thinking that there is pretty much nothing to do, think again.  Just because In fact there are so many things to do in the rain, you can have as much fun inside as you do outside, plus you don’t always have to stay inside, there are ways you can enjoy the rain depending on whether you want a get a little wet.

            Here are some suggestions of what one can do during rainy days.

     Play cards with friends- Playing a nice game of Egyptian Ratscrew, Spades, Uno or classics like Old Maid or Go Fish is always a ton of fun, because it kills time and traditional card games can bring back that nostalgia from long ago when people used to enjoy playing card games and didn’t invest in as much time playing video games or whatnot. “

     Going skim boarding- Skim boarding is a load of fun during rainy days, not so much during torrential downpours when you feel like you’re being stabbed by the heavy raindrops and the massive wind, but if you can come across an open field that lies along a residential community, then you can have a massive amount of fun outside while soaking yourself to the max. Senior Zachary Welsh says “Skim boarding during the rain is a lot of fun and it can get pretty slippery but it’s enjoyable.”

     Playing board games- Usually on rainy days if one isn’t feeling the need to play a card game then a recommendation would be to dust off that old Sorry or Monopoly game. Board games can cause a lot of anger and frustration but the tensions and rivalries that are built during these intense games are exciting, especially when you can team up alliance in Risk or Monopoly, it gets very competitive, at times more competitive than the sports that we are used to playing outdoors.

     Watching a movie- Movies with a group of friends or even with the family is always a good way to kill time, whether it’s going to the local movie theater or getting the most recent DVD, movies are always a good source of entertainment. Plus hit movies have quotable scenes that are repeated over and over. Many will remember all the hilarious quotes from The Hangover.

      So if you’re having difficulty killing time in the rain, try to enjoy yourself by participating in one of these exciting events.