Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

It just so happens that Halloween this year falls on a Sunday.  This fact has many people saying that they don’t plan on doing anything for it because, yes, there is school the next day.  This may not seem fair but it’s not going to change. Luckily for East Lake students that Monday is the first day of Spirit Week for homecoming, so you might get a little break from your usual work load. 

An unconventional twist that many people are planning on doing since Halloween does fall on a Sunday this year is celebrating on Saturday night so that you don’t have to worry about what’s going on the next day whether you go trick or treating or you just celebrate with some friends.

  One of the questions many teens are faced with is “Am I too old to go trick or treating?”  No, you’re still a kid and you have the right to go out and enjoy yourself on Halloween.  Don’t worry what others may think of you for it; if your friends are going to judge you based on you going trick or treating they’re probably not good friends to begin with.  Despite this, many people don’t plan on going out for Halloween such as junior Hunter Davis, who says he’ll probably spend Halloween playing x-box or making beats.  On the other hand many students, like sophomore John Georges, say that they definitely plan on going out on Halloween but are unsure on whether or not they are going to dress up.

                Another question you will be faced with is how late to stay out since it is a Sunday night.  This year you probably shouldn’t be ringing doorbells as late as you have in years past simply because of the fact that people have work and school the next day and might be a little less than friendly to those ringing their doorbell late at night. You also shouldn’t stay out to late because you too have to be up early the next morning for school. If you plan on just skipping school on Monday you should reconsider, it’s the kickoff of spirit week with Bum Around day so you know it’s going to be a fun day.  Another reason you may not want to skip is some teachers don’t plan on easing up Monday, and you wouldn’t want to have to miss out on the events of homecoming week to do make up work.  “I think everyone is celebrating Halloween Saturday night because it falls on a Sunday this year.  So, I have to say no break (from schoolwork Monday). Time to grow up!” says English teacher Andrea Panarelli. So if you do intend on going out for Halloween, just remember to be thoughtful of others who have to get up early the next day and remember that you, too, have school Monday.