TV has a bigger impact than you think

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

Ever watch a TV show and get that feeling where you feel like “Man I wish I could be them”. Take for example Burn Notice. Senior Brett Brazen loves the show with all this heart and wishes he could be the burned spy Michael Westen “After watching an episode I get that feeling of becoming a spy because of all the crazy stuff Michael Westen does to help people” He isn’t the only East Lake student that wants to be like a character you see on the television, watching a TV show that you enjoy can have a big impact on your life in the long run

 It’s absolutely mind boggling seeing these TV characters performing such ghastly things, such as programs promoting doctors performing surgeries MacGyver style, or a man making a car explode to save people in danger, bloodsucking vampires that can freak people out, or the usual crime scene investigator. According to a USA Today survey 65% of people under the age of 25 pursue a degree in the criminal justice system because they are hooked on CSI and want to become a crime scene investigator like they see on the hit CBS series.

Also, shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House and Royal Pains have influenced a lot of people to take classes at East Lake High School such as anatomy, which has increased in popularity by over 120 students, a monumental leap in students for a class. Junior Cameron Lay says “I wanted to take Anatomy because I love Royal Pains, it’s such a cool show it makes me want to be a doctor and get that adrenaline flowing when I’m performing surgery or dissecting a cat”.

Some people want to be like those characters in shows that possess more fake elements such as vampires. The hit series Twilight has been a buzz among all the girls here at school and around the country and it’s let to television programs based upon these bloodsuckers. The hit HBO series True Blood is on Senior Kendal Fordham’s mind. “ I love True Blood, it would be so great to be a vampire” Sadly there are no real vampires but the creativity of these TV shows inspire the viewers to be attached to these shows.

There are those shows that also involve high profile careers such as physicians but it’s all played out for comedic effect. Take for instance Senior Ryan Silverman, he enjoys the hit comedy Scrubs but he doesn’t enjoy it for all the doctor quotes and whatnot but the plain ol’ humor. “I want to be like JD on Scrubs so I can call my best friend chocolate bear”, he says with a smile.

The fact is regardless of what type of TV show you watch on TV; it has a bigger impact upon your life than you think, whether it’s a doctor show, a show about spies or just a show that gives you the sudden urge to spread a rumor (Gossip Girl).  The truth is that in the long run TV can sometimes impact what you want to do in the long run.