Piercings and Tattoos at Work Places

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

   Having piercings and/or tattoos can affect you having a job. Most job places have strict dress codes that employees have to follow. Along with the dress code, employees are not allowed to have any piercings or tattoos visible. “I wanted my ears pierced for homecoming so I had this girl do it for me. I work at Chick Fil A so I knew my boss would get mad and probably make me take them out but I thought I could hide them. As soon as my boss walked into the room he saw my earrings and forced me to take them out. It hurt so bad.” said junior Trent Rudkin.

   A lot of high school employees complain about their jobs not allowing them to have piercings or tattoos. Managers do have a good reason for this though. Having too many piercings that are visible may look trashy to some people. Business owners don’t want people coming into their restaurants and complaining about those types of things. Employees having visible tattoos might make some people uncomfortable which would make them put a bad word out about the business.

   Having piercings and/or tattoos at a job might cause problems. That’s why business owners have such a strict dress code.