The effects of cell phones in modern society

Kaila Schlimm, Staff Writer

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Some people rely on their cell phones for everything. Mainly due to the fact that some cell phones can do just about anything. Need to check your stocks? Your phone may be able to do that. Send an e-mail? Maybe that too. Some people believe the more features the better. Others believe it a phone should be just a phone.

     These days phones are a life source to some people. They can be used for games, talking to relatives, sending out important information, or even running a business. Some phones are even equipped to turn on and off light in your house from across the country. These phones are basically miniature computers, but they also have all the regulars of a phone. You can ever go online and download games and other applications right to your phone. The need for computers these days is becoming less and less. Pretty soon there will be no need at all.

     Phones of the twenty-first century may be great at times, but at the same time they do cause a few problems. For instance, there are the people who text and drive. That’s very dangerous and adds to the chances of getting into a crash even more so than drinking alcohol. So imagine if there are people texting and driving, surely there are people going on the internet while they drive, which may be even more distracting. This greatly increases problems for the safety of their selves, as well as other drivers. Or even pedestrians who are too focused on their phones and wander off into the road without looking.

     Not only does it cause problems on the roads, but also many other places including in schools and at home. Children are becoming distant from their parents because they are always on their phones focused on other less important things. Some admit to texting or playing games during family dinners, even church. Also, students are texting during school or using the phones camera ability to cheat. The phones camera also allows them to send pictures to one another which may be inappropriate and can get them in a lot of trouble. The phones internet capability allows Facebook addicts to go on anywhere, anytime. This can lead to other life problems in relationship, family matters, or in the workplace.

     In retrospect, today’s cellular devices can be very negative at times and may cause some problems, but when used properly they may be a very wonderful thing. Any and all cell phone users need to learn to use them at the correct times, use them only when necessary, and don’t let them come between relationships with other people. Only then will they be used as well as possible.

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The effects of cell phones in modern society