BIG Burgers

Tyler Higbee, Staff Writer

Everyone wants to be in the best shape that they can be and as healthy as they can be. For some it requires exercising more, for others it requires eating better. All of us try our best but at the same time see ourselves slip up on occasion and decide to please ourselves instead of thinking of the healthy choice. According to Health Experts, the average calorie count of American burgers in the past 20 years has jumped from 333 to 600 calories per burger. Hopefully I can help you fight your urge of getting a tender juicy burger after I share with you the 5 worst burgers in America.

At number one is the Burger King NY Pizza Burger, which contains a total of 2,530 calories. Although it looks and sounds like a sweet juicy feast, this burger holds the most calories out of any burger in America. If you consume one of these burgers, you will be eating more calories than a human should eat in one day. The Pizza Burger is equivalent to eating 7.2 medium orders of McDonald’s French fries. An alternative burger is the Whopper w/o Mayo which contains only 510 calories and is just as satisfying.

Number two belongs to the Ruby Tuesday Smokehouse Burger containing 1,219 calories and 73 g of fat. As if those numbers aren’t high enough this burger is also home to 2,539 mg of Sodium which is more sodium than you should consume in one day. Next time you attend Ruby Tuesday instead of eating this monster fatty you should try the Cowboy Sirloin. It cuts the count of sodium and grams of fat in half.         

The third worst burger in America is the Uno Chicago Bring Home the Bacon Burger. This holds 76 g of fat and 1,040 calories along with 2,200 mg of sodium. After eating one of these you might puff up like a balloon and float away. Instead you could try the BrewMasters Grill NY Sirloin sandwich takes the calories and cuts them in half and decreases the amount of fat(g) by five times and has 700 less mg of Sodium. This burger has the saturated fat equivalent to twelve White Castle hamburgers.

The number four worst burger title is held by The Cheesecake Factory and their very own Classic Burger. You can find 1,440 calories and 1,635 mg of sodium in this big bite burger. Although it is tasty it is not very good for the health of a person. By eating one of these you could have consumed seven whole original glazed donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Last but not least the award for number five worst burger in America is the T.G.I. Fridays Jack  Daniels Burger. This mouthful contains 1,590 calories and would be the same as eating 30 Oreo cookies. Even though T.G.I. Fridays doesn’t reveal full nutritional information we can come to a conclusion that this burger isn’t the best for you. Instead you could try the Classic Sirloin that holds only 590 calories.

I am not much of a burger man myself, but if you are indeed a burger person I hope you have a better understanding on what and what not to eat after reading this article. Also notice some of these locations producing these products and possibly think about what you’re going to eat before you go and eat it.