Phone applications

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

Today’s world focuses on technology to make life convenient and smart phone applications try and do just that.  Smart phones have exploded in popularity because of all the things they can offer with today’s 3G and 4G standards.   These new phones now offer applications (apps) that offer everything from games to surveillance for security cameras.  At&T’s iPhone was the first phone to feature downloadable apps for its users.  These apps have become the craze providing services for people of all ages. 

Verizon entered the market with help from Google, who created the Android Market, an online software store for Android devices.  As of December 2010 the Andriod Market featured over 200,000 games with an estimated 2.5 billion downloads.  Currently the top selling Andriod app is Power AMP full Version Unlocker which claims, and is backed by reviews, to work alongside another app, called Power Amp Music Player, and removes the trial period for this application so that the user can continue using this application after their free trial period is up.  This kind of thing is able to happen without being monitored because many of the applications are made by a third party.  Unfortunately this enables people to be taken advantage of also in that some of the applications they purchase may not always do as promised. “I bought an app that claimed to hide my number when I would make a call but it never worked and was a waste of money,” said junior Jake Shaffer.

The world’s most expensive app is made by ASiQ Limited and costs $12,500, yet for some can be cost effective.  This app is an in-flight mobile phone solution that feeds off of a phone’s Bluetooth capacity, transforming it into a wireless data communicator and entertainment system. “Unlike conventional aircraft mobile phone systems that run approximately a half a million dollars and are tied to a global roaming network that translate to intoxicatingly expensive usage,  Safecell connects the cell phone to an onboard satellite link using Bluetooth to power the device outside of the mobile roaming network.” 

                Many apps are geared toward entertainment which many teens say they feel “addicted” to.  “Anytime I get bored I play Angry Birds on my iPhone. I’ve beaten all the levels twice and I’m currently working on it a third time,” said junior Brad Miller.

Apps are being focused towards every type of person but especially students.  Documents to Go allows students to view and edit Word documents, PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets or take another look at a teacher’s handout.  There are even SAT study apps to help prepare high school students to succeed in getting their ideal score on the SAT. Easy to use web browsers like Opera enable students to get a quick answer for almost any question they might have.  These types of apps are not only an investment in a child’s education but in their future by giving them all the tools to succeed.

                Today’s technology has turned the phone function on a cell phone into just another task it is capable of performing.  With all that apps have to offer and the endless creation of new apps they truly enable the masses to have the world in their hands.