Spring style

Erin Wronka, Entertainment/Editorials editor

So far this week, the weather has given everyone a beautiful look at the upcoming spring season, and along with that comes new fashion looks. Girls are tired of long sleeves and knee-high boots, so thankfully it’s about time to pull out those tanks and tees for the warm temperatures. Take a look at a few of the newest looks that are bound to appear this spring on females everywhere and get ready to actually be comfortable in your clothes.
With New York fashion week coming to a close, people all around the country are inspired by upcoming trends in 2011. One of the most seen looks on the runway is floral patterns, whether on a dress or a pair of shoes. While the models are strutting mismatched flowers, a more realistic approach to this style is to choose one article of clothing with this pattern and base the rest of your outfit around it. Just because flowers are budding everywhere, doesn’t mean you need to be parading around in every floral imaginable.
Another popular trend seen splayed all over magazines are light weight, military-like jackets. In Florida, it can get too warm to wear a jacket, but just look for the lightest, most comfortable material that can go with a lot of your clothes. A few people at ELHS have already given this look a try, and there’s bound to be more. Put those tight-knit sweaters away and enjoy this cooler, breezier look.
Tired of skinny jeans? Last summer a few brave souls attempted to work high-waisted shorts and many of them actually pulled it off. This season they’re back and girls are more likely to wear them now that we’ve seen them around awhile in magazines and runways. Enjoy the warm temps and let your legs breathe. They’ve sure deserved it after this harsh winter.
While these were only a few ideas for your spring style this season, they give a look at what to expect. From patterns to jackets, fashion is taking a step up from the normal shorts and tanks, so don’t be afraid to try something a little different this year.