Worst late night foods

Tyler Higbee, Staff Writer

Food, we all eat it. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we must eat to keep our bodies up and going and fuel in our tank. Although everyone needs food at the same time we have to watch what we eat sometimes. For instance, the late night foods can really get you, in more ways than many people realize. Depending on what you eat, late night snacks can keep you awake for longer than you please, add a few more pounds to the stomach region, or even cause you to feel the effects in the morning.

The worst late night food to have at dinner is a Beef Ribye. One of the main reasons is because it contains 565 calories and this steak digests very slowly. Therefore to work it off, you must become active and it is not a good choice to eat this then put your body into shutdown mode.

The worst choice of a dessert is a cup of chocolate ice cream due to the numerous fat content and the amount of sugar it puts on your teeth. “I don’t care how bad ice cream is for me; I’m going to eat it,” said junior Michelle Higbee.

The worst late night cereal snack is a bowl of delicious Captain Crunch because of the 16 grams of sugar and the 147 calories. This snack is surely to keep you awake and away from the bed. Senior Blake Pearson said, “I love to make myself a bowl of Captain Crunch, with the CrunchBerrys, late night except sometime I wake up with the bubble-guts!”

I hope this helps all of you late night snackers to keep away from the bad foods and make the right decisions.