What if they weren’t teachers?

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

The teachers at East Lake High School have dreamed of being many things in their lives, but we are truly lucky for them to have settled on becoming our teachers.  Mrs. Prairie’s AVID class interviewed teachers about their college experiences and previous career goals and put together a list of what professions many of our teachers would have pursued if they hadn’t become teachers. For example if social studies teacher Ms. King hadn’t fallen in love with being a teacher she would have had a mysterious life as a ninja.  AP Literature teacher Mrs. Barbieri would have become a novelist or a sports reporter, obviously!   Mr. Rocktoff says he would have become a cowboy; if that had happened I’m sure not nearly as many upperclassmen would have taken AP Psychology at East Lake throughout the years.  You better not be up to anything in science teacher Mr. Wiseman, or math teacher Mrs. Brock’s classes because their second choices to teaching were becoming a CIA Agent and working in military intelligence! 

                Coach Hudson says he would have become a real estate agent; it’s a good thing he decided to create a powerhouse team here instead.  We might have all gotten to watch Mr. Brady on the big screen if he hadn’t chosen to teach drama to young thespians.  Science teacher Ms. Johnson says she would have worked at an aquarium; it probably would have boosted their attendance.  English teacher Ms. Panarelli would have been a Crime Scene Investigator, because we all know she’ll get to the bottom of whatever is going on!  If guidance counselor Mr. Marzo wasn’t busy helping students launch their futures, he would have been hanging out on a launch pad as an astronaut.  Coach Bloznalis would have taken his skills to the next level as a college basketball coach.  All of this is very interesting and might make you realize that maybe your job aspirations could change.  Maybe you too will become a teacher and return to East Lake, just like several teachers have done, including history teacher Mrs. Williams, English teacher Ms. Wiseman, and science teacher Ms. Bride!