How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

The New Year is the time when everyone begins setting new goals and attempting to stick to them.


The New Year is the perfect time to set and achieve new goals.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

The New Year is a time for people to hit the reset button in their lives and take hold of their futures with the mindset of “New year, new me.” The idea of having resolutions for the New Year is great way for people to set long and short term goals with the aspiration of achieving them by the end of the year. Some people make huge written lists of all of the things that they want to accomplish, while others have a short list in their head. No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, they generally seem to fade away by the end of January, leaving you feeling disappointed in yourself for not being able to achieve all your goals. Usually, the problem lies within the goals that you are setting for yourself. Most of them are just too unrealistic. Saying that you are going to go to the gym every single day or claiming that you will only eat healthy foods leaves a lot of room for error and failure.  Here are five tips to help you maintain and hold onto all of your New Year’s resolutions.

  1. One of the key ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions throughout the year is through setting smaller goals. Instead of saying that you will go to the gym every single day, maybe have your goal be going to the gym at least twice a week. If you are somebody who never goes to the gym, how can you expect yourself to all of a sudden start going every single day with no breaks? The same goes for eating healthy foods all the time. We are all humans and there is no way that it is realistic to not eat any dessert or junky foods at all. A more realistic goal would be to gradually add more healthy foods into your diet. It is important to set goals that you know you can achieve.
  2. Another method for keeping your New Year’s resolutions is to stay organized. Organization is important to meeting your goals. Without organization, how will you be able to see how much you have progressed over the weeks? Senior Charlotte Ardnt states that “staying organized can help you to keep your resolutions by creating a system in which you can hold yourself accountable.”
  3. Stay motivated. Remind yourself of the reasons that you made your resolutions in the first place and look back on the progress you have already made and forward to the progress you could make in the future.
  4. Make sure you have a break in your schedule. Whether it be a lazy day or a “cheat day,” it is important to have days in your life where you can just relax and not have to be stressed out about anything.
  5. Find something that relieves your stress. Find things that make you happy and be sure to incorporate them into your daily life. Whatever your method may be, it is important to alleviate as much stress as you can.

Overall, the best way to keep your New Year’s resolutions throughout the whole year is to set goals that you are confident you can achieve. “I think it’s helpful for people to set a multitude of smaller goals, so that psychologically they feel like they are accomplishing something, rather than being discouraged by not immediately reaching their largest goal,” adds senior Catie Tootle. Having a mixture of smaller and larger goals that balance out equally to push you forward enough without being too overwhelming is a key factor in achieving your New Year’s resolutions.