The craziest carnival foods


The fried ice cream burger in its full glory.

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

With the Florida State Fair coming in town February 8th this means the spread of joy and merriment to all. Not only does this fair bring happiness it also brings fantastic culinary wonders. From simple everyday hamburgers to deep fried soda, the fair has wide range of goodies to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

First off, the unique or as some may say “gross and unappetizing” foods.

These creations are simply underappreciated and bursting with flavor. The first delectable dish I would like to discuss is the exotic scorpion pizza. This food is not just any old pie but rather a hot, cheesy, and very high in protein. You know it’s real as you can see the whole scorpion right on top of the cheese. I personally have not had the luck of coming across this dish, but if you get the chance I suggest you jump at it. Another honorable mention for this gross category is the Mealworm coated caramel apple which makes quite the ironic statement as you used to be worried if there was a worm in your apple; now they’re all over it, yum. Now these you may not find at the Florida State Fair, sadly.

Now for the ones that are still very unique but even to the more mainstream eaters they will be a bit more appetizing. The clear winner in this category is the fried ice cream burger. While maybe not the healthiest foods this burger is sure to bring out your inner kid, and will make you drool just looking at it. A burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, a juicy patty, perfectly cooked bacon, and most importantly a fried scoop of ice cream, all between two beautiful toasted buns.

So there is much to look forward to at this upcoming fair; specific foods have been confirmed include an enchilada funnel cake, a marshmallow Nutella empanada, and a white cheddar bacon pretzel. So now you have even more of a reason to go other than the rides. Writing this story before lunch was never a good idea, and to those on diets, sorry for ruining them.