Strawberry festival

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

Every year in the small town of Plant City for 11 days there is an explosion of people and activity in celebration of the Florida Strawberry Festival. The Florida Strawberry Festival represents a piece of American history, when fairs and festivals brought communities together through celebrations of the harvests. It has continued to grow in popularity year after year through the preservation of this heritage. This festival is rooted in tradition as since 1930, when the Plant City Lions Club organized it to celebrate the bountiful harvest of strawberries. This festival also celebrates agriculture, commerce, industry, livestock, fine arts, horticulture, and crafts in Plant City.

The Florida Strawberry Festival, in the celebration of the harvest of the strawberries, is filled with strawberry themed dishes, such as strawberry topped pizza, strawberry milkshakes, and even burgers with strawberry crumbles, and even a tent dedicated to making your own strawberry shortcakes. Past these delicious fruits, in the spirit and tradition of the agriculture focus of the festival there is no shortage of John Deere tractors and exhibits that showcase them.  But beyond these sugary delicacies and diesel engines, the Florida Strawberry Festival also is filled to the brim with exciting amusement park rides. This festival has a wide variety of rides from kid friendly slow movers to high octane exciting rides that challenge even the most disciplined stomach to hold its lunch. Even if one does not enjoy strawberries (how can you not?) this festival still has plenty to offer as it of course has all the fried foods you could ever want or even think of (see my Craziest Carnival Foods story). Also at this festival are live shows by country artists such as Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, and much more.

Whether you’re alone, on a date, or with your family, the Florida Strawberry Festival is a must-see event. Nowhere else can you fully immerse yourself in the real culture of the farming side of Florida. This is also a great way to pass the weekend and it won’t hurt your wallet as its only $10 for an adult and $5 for a kid. This event continues until March 12th so don’t miss out.